what is your editing style?

First, I want to propose a question to you- how do you interpret my style? The goal behind my editing technique is not to ever take away from a photograph, but simply add to it. For example, I want to enhance the golden tones in order to add more light, or simply draw more attention to faces by adding shadows, so on and so forth. Every editing decision I make is rooted in the desire to highlight the subject and their story.

what should i wear?

I get it- photo sessions are intimidating. But, no need to fear! I have made a Pinterest board that is solely dedicated to outfit ideas. Check out my style inspiration board here. You will probably notice that I have a thing for layers, neutrals, and anything Free People. But, that's just me. My hope and prayer is that you find something that is YOU, and you freakin' rock it. I always encourage people to stay away from bright colors, distracting patterns, and huge logos. Now, if we have a styled-shoot in the works, that's a different story. 

do you travel?

I am always willing to travel. Actually, I desire to travel. Whether you're a state away or wanting to get married half way around the world, I want to be there to shoot your special moments. Travel fees do apply, unless we work out a deal in your contract. And for those wondering- I am based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

(I know what song you now have stuck in your head.)


how did you get started?

Photography was something that fell into my lap. It was never something that I dreamed of doing as a little girl. If anything, the closest thing that related to me using a camera was the childhood dream of being in front of the camera (and yes, I have long graduated from that). Long story short, I bought a camera after graduating high school, and used it during my travels. I think since people saw that I had a bigger camera, they immediately assumed I was a photographer. This caused people to ask me to take their pictures. I would reluctantly agree. Well, the more I agreed, the more I was asked. And that was where my love of photography was birthed. I saw the potential of telling stories, and deeply valued the vulnerability in capturing someone. I continued to grow in my skills, having many friends that let me photograph them freely, as well as mentors that encouraged me in my developing gifts. The church was a huge role in this- for without the opportunities to serve in the ways that I did (through shooting testimony videos and taking photos during gatherings), I wouldn't be half the photographer that I am today. I officially launched my photography business in June 2017 and been running forward since then.

what should i expect?

You can always expect to have a good time. My prayer is that during your photo session, you feel most like yourself. In order to create an environment that invites that, I often play your favorite kind of music, make lots of jokes, and coach you through movements. No pressure. No fake posing. Just you, in all your glory.

i'm working on a budget- do you give discounts?

My heart's desire is to serve my clients to the best of my ability. If you ever have a concern with a price that I am offering, please reach out to me. I take every financial appeal with great prayer and consideration.