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The Hayman Wedding

It’s always a treat to gain friendships out of a job. I think (wait, I know) my favorite thing about being a photographer is definitely the people I get to meet and the stories I get to hear. Jess + Casey are certainly no exception. I remember when I first met Jess, it was for coffee at a local coffeeshop in our little college town. I was visiting from Atlanta and she was finishing out school. The moment we sat down and started chatting and dreaming about her wedding day, I knew that she was someone special. Which in my mind meant that Casey, her fiancé (now husband), must be special. I mean, c’mon— anyone that knows the two would agree.

After making things official, we started the wedding planning process. October came quickly, and I remember driving up to Tennessee on the most beautiful day and arriving to the most peaceful house full of beautiful girls getting ready for the big day. Everything was slow + simple— just as you would expect it to be. There were tears, hugs, prayers, and love… so much love laced throughout the day. One of my favorite moments was before Jess walked down the aisle to meet Casey. The girls gathered in the farmhouse living room and spent time reading the Word together. One of the bridesmaids led a devotion, while another prayed at the very end. It was something I’d never seen before. Yes, I typically see prayers, but a solid 15 minutes or so cut out to read the word as a group of bridesmaids… it was new. And it was my favorite.

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