Atlanta Greenhouse Engagement | Toni + Casey

Y’all — when I tell you that all of my best friends have gotten engaged or married in the last year or so, I ain’t lyin’. Truly, it’s been a gift to watch each and every friend find the sweetest of love with their significant others. And if you haven’t caught on, one of those people I’m talking about is my Toni Jade (featured below, of course).

The amount of tears, laughs, dreams, and conversations that Toni and I have both shared about our future spouses is truly too many to count. To be able to walk with her in this last season and watch the faithfulness of God deliver such hope and promise through Casey has been one of my favorite things ever. Toni + Casey… I couldn’t be more excited, expectant, hopeful, and encouraged by your soon-to-be marriage. This is just the beginning, friends.

Fun fact: You would never believe me, but at one point of this photoshoot, I think I literally had 13 mosquitos plastered on my right leg. If you follow me on social media, then you can vouch for me. Luckily, Toni and Casey know and love me and allowed me to wallow in my itchiness while working through their shoot. I mean, c’mon y’all… who would ever think that an overgrown greenhouse in the middle of Hot-lanta after a thunderstorm would be the breeding ground of so many nasty pests? Yah, me neither. ;-)

Savanna Brown