Horseshoe Bend + Antelope Canyon Elopement | Grant and Gabby Gregory

I’ll never forget the drive from Phoenix to Page. I’ll never forget the way friends felt like family, and family felt like heaven. I’ll never forget how timeless and un-rushed it all was. I’ll never forget the vows, pledged on the rim of Horseshoe Bend. I’ll never forget the hushed wonder of walking through the sand of Antelope Canyon. I’ll never forget the hospitality and having the honor of sharing a bed with the bride for a week. I’ll never forget the tears. The laughs. The sweat. The dancing. I’ll just never forget.

This past year has truly felt like a gift from the Lord — wrapped up in the form of wild weddings in places I would have never dreamed. It was one of my greatest honors to trek out to Arizona with Gabby, Grant, and their precious family and friends. The days we spent were long and full of life and love. There was everything from hiking with friends to jumping into Lake Powell fully clothed… all the way to sandy tears shed at Horseshoe Bend and last-minute dress fixings.

I remember leaving from Page on Sunday and heading back to Phoenix with some of the bridesmaids — I sat in the backseat with my new cactus socks + Birkenstocks on, listening to Judah and the Lion’s “Family/Best is Yet to Come.” It felt spiritual… one of those places where the line between Heaven and Earth almost seems erased. In that moment, the overwhelm of my gratefulness reached its peak. I’m still coming down from that May wedding mountain.

Gabby + Grant… you two mean the world to me. I love you both and I love your love for God. It was seen in every stitch of your wedding. I believe and pray that it’s that love unto Him that will lead you into greater depths of love and service to one another. Just like Judah sings, “The best is yet to come.”

xx Sav

Savanna Brown