My Current Favorites + Exciting Announcement

Okay, okay… you caught me.

I’m totally being one of those gals that lists out my top favorites as of recently. I’m not one to think that everyone is interested in my life and opinions, but I do thoroughly enjoy reading through other peoples’ current favorites. So why the heck not let you people into my world of “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH”

… enjoy xx.



No, I’m not talking about rolling around on the floor with your face pressed to the hardwoods. I’m referencing the amazing little tool known as a jade roller. These bad boys have been around for centuries and have been staples in the Chinese medicinal arena. I’ll be honest here— it’s pretty common that I wake up with a swollen face… like, I put my finger to my cheek and it’s trampoline consistency. This is where my good friend, Mr. Jade-Roller, comes to the rescue. Just by simply rolling this Amazon-bought device around my face, I’m not only serving myself a quick massage, but I’m also clearing fluid, boosting circulation, improving elasticity, and promoting cell turnover for a brighter look in my face. Want to be extra brave? Stick that baby in the fridge and let it get all nice and chilly before rolling your face. I triple dog dare you.


There’s just something magical about waking up, opening my blinds, and dumping the left-over cup of water hanging out on my bedside table into my Young Living Aria Diffuser. Simply magical. My favorite oil to diffuse as of lately is Copiaba, strangely enough. There’s something just so nostalgic about it all… filling my room with a warm, spicy, and almost manly scent that brings me back to the men that would roll fresh cigars in the lobby of our favorite Cancun hotel.  Like I said before, simply magical.


Alright, I’m a pretty serious “luncher.” Being that my breakfast usually consists of only one cup of coffee at 8:00 am, I’m typically ravished by noon. That means I need something easy, quick, and TASTY. Extra emphasis on the tasty. I just have to shout out my faithful man, Joe, for always making the process so easy. My three choices as of lately have been the gorgonzola gnocci (I always add pesto + fresh basil), rice + bean burritos (I always add corn, avocado, salsa + cheese on top), and French onion soup. I know it’s probably not the most healthy… but it works and it’s better than my favorite Taco Bell snack box, so I’m stickin’ with it.

Nowadays, I live so far away from the people that I love most. In my mind, that means that some monthly visit must take place— either on my part or theirs. There’s always just something really sweet about being able to cross off days on the calendar in hopes of getting to see those that we love most. If there’s anything I’ve learned now being post-grad and having friends that are now married, birthing babies, and even traveling the world… I know just how important communication + intentionality are in ALL relationships. 



Yup, I bit the bullet and I bought/pay for Audible. But for a gal that travels in the car for at least a quarter of the month, it’s far worth the pretty penny that it can be. And before you suggest— yes, I’m already a total podcast-junkie. I’m so much of a junkie that I listen to all my favorite subscriptions and am always left high and dry with my same old Spotify playlists. My 2019 “listens” on Audible have been the following: Sacred Rhythms, Atomic Habits, Girl, Stop Apologizing, Becoming, Braving the Wilderness, and Get Over Your Dang (my nice language) Self.

Yup, there yah have it folks! That’s my lengthy list of 5 favorites. I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing! 


I will be taking applications for a  2019 Summer Intern!

I am more than excited about this… elated, dance-y, stoked, all the things. You all, my faithful friends, are the first to hear! I don’t have every little detail ironed out quite yet, but the goal is to announce it later this week with a lot more specifics. 

If your interest is spiked and/or you know someone who might be interested, send them my way! If you reach out, I will personally send you the details/application process.

I couldn’t be more excited for all that is to come… and I’m excited to be journeying alongside all of you people. Praying that April is full of deep growth and adventure with Jesus. Please never hesitate to reach out— especially if I can be lifting you up/serving you in any capacity. Reading emails from you all are one of my favorite things.

xx Savanna

Savanna Brown