Moody TN Engagement Shoot | Carley + Josh

Woodsy magic meets playful love... that's what we have here, folks. Set away in the beautiful hills of Tennessee, Carley and Josh got super cuddly + cozy during their chilly engagement shoot. We hopped around puddles and fought off the cold with mini dance parties + lots of jokes + the best of company (shoutout to Marissa Sorrell who took us to one of her favorite photo spots— she’s amazing!).

I just have to say, this is yet another special photo shoot for many reasons— but the main being that Carley is one of my closest + most faithful of friends from college. Her and Josh even had their first kiss in my parents’ front yard (HAH how about that). I remember Carl and I prancing around Europe and she being SO excited about the potential of dating her brother’s best friend. Spoiler alert… it worked out. Worked out realllllly well, considering they’re getting married in May!

Carl + Josh, I love you both. Y’all are forever on my team, and I’ll always be cheering loud and proud. Can’t wait for family vacations to the lake (mhmm yes). ;-)

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Savanna Brown