Taco-Slingin' + Backyard Georgia Wedding | Courtney + Brad

I’m just going to be honest and say that I think I had a permanent smile plastered on my face throughout the duration of Brad and Courtney’s wedding day. I mean, how could I not?! These two radiate straight JOY. And it’s freaking magnified when they are together. So yeah, just call me “Smiley Sav.”

This December wedding day was extra special— being that it poured the whole weekend, when Sunday rolled around, it was a shock to everyone that the sun was peaking through the clouds AND it was in the high 60s. Does it get better than that? Why yes, yes it does.

As all the gang started arriving at West Milford Farm, everything started falling into place just perfectly. Decorations were hung, hugs exchanged, dresses put on, and ties straightened. All the fun started with a first look from Courtney’s bridesmaids, followed by a first-look with Courtney’s dad, and then of course, it was Brad’s turn to see his bride. Before we knew it, it was time to exchange vows and have that first kiss as husband and wife! Everything was so relaxed + peaceful as dear family members and friends came around Courtney and Brad to celebrate the covenant they were making to one another.

Now, after all the “wedding” stuff took place, the party really started. And let me just say— this was like a family reunion for me. (Fun fact- I shot Brad’s sister’s wedding this past year! So it was nice to hug + see some familiar faces of family members. But not only that… I went to college with a group of the wedding party/attendees/groom!) Brad and Courtney had everything from tacos (MY FAV) to bundt cakes to a coffee bar. C’mon now! All my food love languages.

I think my favorite thing about this day was that none of it seemed “forced.” Everything flowed so organically, which created the space for deep connection and celebration. As you scroll through these photos from this special day, take note of not only the memorable details, but also the contagious smiles. Seriously, you can’t fake those grins y’all.

Court + Brad— I could truly write a book about how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to be invited into such a sacred day. It was simply beautiful. Sending all my love and prayers for a blessed marriage, Mr. + Mrs. Tyrrell! xx

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Savanna Brown