Well Why Not?

One of my all-time favorite questions to ask someone is this— if money weren’t in the equation, what would be your dream job? Or your dream scenario? And every single time someone answers, I always leave the conversation feeling two ways… feeling inspired, and then always wondering, “well why not?” Maybe you can place blame on my positivity or over-zealousness for life and all that it has to offer, but seriously, why not? What’s holding us back from taking at least one step in that direction? Why do we immediately label the things that make us come alive as dormant dreams that’ll probably never see the ground we walk on? Who knows, I could totally be listening to way too much Rachel Hollis or Lewis Howes…. but again, why not?

The most recent answers I’ve received when asking this question are as follows: open an interior design shop with a little bakery + coffee shop attached, start a non-profit on a ranch where people that have been labeled by society as criminals or addicts could come and learn life-skills as well as grow in knowledge of the one who loves them most: Jesus, and become a writer that has the task of documenting powerful stories, and even the job of crafting beautiful movies through authoring scripts and plot lines and all that jazz.

As I re-read the words above, my eyes dance over so much hope and creativity and I’m flat-out inspired. So much possibility lies in just a paragraph. I can almost smell the fresh crescents and feel the calloused hands of the recovering-hopeful-addict after a long day’s work on the ranch. They feel real to me— like a distant relative that I’ve heard of, just never met.

I think we often forget that the big things in life are always a grand compilation of a lot of tiny, sometimes really hard, things. It’s one foot after the other, right? I think we can get so caught up in the big picture, that we can forsake the knowledge of the One who may have very uniquely planted those God-sized dreams in our hearts. We forget that our own frailties and weaknesses are an invitation for His great strength to be perfected in our lives. We forget about anointing, and how God doesn’t just anoint a gift or an object, but a whole person that faithfully holds the vision.

I say all of this to encourage you… maybe the next time you feel unfulfilled or questioning God’s goodness in your life because you feel like the dreams that He’s placed in your being are unrealistic… remember, one step at a time. I’ve learned that the more I carefully and faithfully steward the little things that He’s given me, the greater the opportunity for Him to entrust something even bigger.

It’s time to throw the excuses out the window—

“I don’t have the time.”

“I don’t have the resources.”

“I don’t have the support.”

“I don’t have the connections.”

Let’s redirect our words and say this—

“I will make time for the things I care about.”

“I will get creative and innovative in my pursuit of a dream. I will trust in Jehovah Jireh, my Provider.”

“I am laying this on the altar of God, and if I still find this dream living in my heart, I know I have HIS support. And that’s what matters most.”

“I know that good things take time, and I believe in divine appointments and meetings.”

Okay Savanna, you can jump off the soapbox now!

My heart is to cheer you on in whatever it is that is continually lighting a fire underneath you. Because I believe that it can be done. I believe that if you wake up and dedicate an hour to writing in the morning, you may just have a book next year. I believe that if you start faithfully serving your family and neighbors those yummy treats, you might have enough support to start your own booth at the local farmer’s market next season. I believe that if you plug yourself into a ministry and faithfully serve their vision, God might make room for your own vision to grow as well.

So I ask again… well, why not?

xx Savanna

(Side-note— if you want a really great icebreaker question to use in conversation, use the above-mentioned! Everyone loves to talk about their dreams, and it’s an easy way to get to peak into the window of their heart.)

Savanna Brown