NYC Engagement

My time in New York City was nothing short of magical. So magical that I not only cried when I got home from the trip, but I also started looking up apartments in the Brooklyn/Williamsburg area (LOL maybe a little much… but can you blame a sista?!).

The trip started off with me flying from Orlando, FL (to NYC of course) straight off of a cruise that had spent a week in the Bahamas. You can imagine that I was a little nervous about making my late morning flight, especially since I was a first-time cruiser and had no earthly idea what to except with the disembarking process. But to my lovely surprise, it went quickly and I made it to the airport in no time! I excitedly got to my gate and knew that the rest of the day was going to be good… like, two of my closest friends getting engaged in NYC good.

I arrived at La Guardia a little past 3 in the afternoon and was ready to rock and roll. One of my good friends Caleb (who is Fern’s best dude) had a driver scheduled to pick us both up from the airport and get us to where we needed to be. After hurriedly applying some makeup in the airport bathroom *totally glam*, I ran out to meet Caleb and the driver. We briefly were able to catch up and go over the rest of the “plan.”

(Might I add— the weekend before, Caleb and Fern took a trip up to NYC to scope + plan out every little detail about this proposal)

After picking up Al + Will (some good friends of Fern, Syd, + Caleb) at their Brooklyn flat, we were on our way to Dumbo! By the way, Dumbo is just something else— the cobblestone streets and converted warehouses had me swooning the whole time. Okay, and the fact that there was a photography festival happening as well… what are the odds!? After standing and admiring the area for a while, we finally got the text… He had proposed and she said YES! That meant that it was surprise time— Sydney had no clue that she’d walk a couple of steps and see not just Al + Will, but also Caleb and me!

We walked and met both Syd and Fern and had all of the celebratory hugs and squeals. It was just THE BEST. After we had our moment, it was time for some photos. We pranced around the Dumbo area and stopped at every pretty spot we saw. None of it felt like work for me… it was just so stinkin’ fun. Almost therapeutic.

After we got our fill of photos, we let Syd + Fern go eat a nice dinner in the city while Al, Will, Caleb, and I went to eat at Shake Shack. Later that evening, we met up with Syd and Fern at a rooftop restaurant that overlooked all of Brooklyn + NYC. All the while, it was a crisp 68 degrees out… my love language.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details and just let you see what the weekend looked like for yourself. It was lots of good coffee, brunchin’, walking, and catching up.

Thank you, Fern— for inviting me to be apart of one of the most beautiful weekends. I will always remember it.

Thank you, Squid— for your friendship that transcends time + distance. You’re forever a kindred spirit and I’ll love you always.

Thank you, Will +Al— for your warm hospitality and new friendship. You two are both a joy, and I can easily understand why Fern, Squid, and Caleb love you both so much.

Thank you, Caleb— for taking care of business, always bringing positivity to the table (even when your dinner order is messed up), and for the friend that you are to everyone.

Being with you all was so healing to my heart.


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Savanna Brown