So I'm totally playing catch-up over here, but how could I not share these photos of some of my favorite people!

Over Christmas Break, I had the opportunity to capture a couple in-home shots for the Mosgrove family. Something I can say about the Mosgrove family is that they have always been so supportive of my photography growth. I started randomly capturing pictures of Knox and Marlee during my sophomore year of college, and here I am now, about to graduate college, still taking pictures of their precious family. ( And hopefully, there will be many more pictures to come-- that far surpass these (-; ) 

The Mosgrove family has truly helped forge a path of growth in my business, as well as a confidence in what I am able to do as a photographer and story-teller. These people are like family to me, and I'm thankful for the various ways they have not only poured into my life, but also stayed cheering for me along the way. Their family is beautiful and it's always a joy to spend time with them in their home. See for yourself!

Savanna Brown