His Strength in My Weakness

Whatever it may look like, we all have weaknesses. Maybe it’s severe insecurity, or even an addiction that chokes the life out of you—regardless; they are present in every single one of us. Now, how empowering is it to know that God will step into the very central chaos of that weakness and make His strength known? In our weakest areas of life, God desires to come and make His glorious strength overwhelmingly apparent. It is through that truth that we may boast in our weakness, for when we are weak, He is made strong.

We can all see a beautiful illustration of that truth when we look at Judges 6-7. This is when the Israelites come to a realization of their weakness as they are handed over to the Midianites for seven years. Gideon, an Israelite from the tribe of Manasseh, is sought out by an angel of God. This angel reaffirms Him that the Lord is with him, and that he must go and rescue Israel from the Midianites. On paper, all odds were against Gideon: not only did he come from the weakest tribe, but also he was also the weakest in his very own family. BUT God saw fit to invade Gideon’s weakest spots and make them His strong spots.

There are three takeaways that we can get from this chunk of Scripture. The first being that God WILL and DOES strengthen you. As much as we may dwell on our weaknesses, God pays no thought. It’s the little strength that we have, plus God, that guarantees victory every time!

Second, God strengthens not just you, but those with you. Later in Judges 7:2-8, Gideon’s loyal army is made apparent to him by the testing of faith. Through those men who chose to leave, paired with those that were eliminated by Gideon, Gideon was left with about 300 men to fight an enormous army of Midianites. It’s so important to surround yourself with authentic people that will be looking out for the enemy in your life. Not only that, but that you would stir one another onto good deeds. It was those types of people that remained in Gideon’s army: the faithful. Once again, on paper the odds looked unconquerable, but our God is one who steps into our weaknesses and shortcomings and makes His glory known.

Lastly, God keeps His word. If God says He’s going to do it, then He’s going to do it! He will provide. Sometimes, these weaknesses of ours can look like a thorn in the flesh, but do we really want the thorn removed? It is through the humbling of ourselves, by weakness, that we see God beautifully move on our behalf, allowing us to boast in our weaknesses. Rather than having a removal of the thorns in our life, let’s ask for a renewal of the heart. The grace of God allows us to shift our perspectives and see our weaknesses as outlets of strength, for that is where God ultimately moves.

Challenge: Take a moment to look into the deepest parts of yourself and confront those weaknesses that you may like to suppress at times. Now embrace them—embrace the fact that God is in the midst, and that with Him, we are victorious. Let your weaknesses become a platform for God’s greater glory.

[Based off a message given by Pastor Craig Mosgrove on 3/18/15]