God's Purpose in the Wilderness

Have you ever found yourself in a place of wilderness? A place where it seems like there is no one to walk with, no means of getting out? Well take heart, and know that many of the greatest moves of God in Scripture have been preceded by seasons of the wilderness.

Being Christians, we have been called to a life of sanctification– a life where our heart is constantly conforming to that of Christ’s. If living like Christ is something we have been charged to do, then why should we be so surprised when we find ourselves in a season of wilderness and preparation? In Matthew 4:1, we can see that Jesus was lead into the wilderness to be tested, tried, and prepared before He was ultimately propelled into His ministry. If God lead Jesus there, we should anticipate finding ourselves in that exact place.

Sometimes it can be so easy to be wooed back to the comfort of the land that flowed with milk and honey (Numbers 16:13), but be confident that in the time you spend in the wilderness, God is ridding you of the past and preparing you for the Promised Land ahead. He’s completely restructuring your framework, adjusting it to match-up with all that He has ahead. It’s in this time of wilderness where God is able to destroy crutches, alter appetites, and prepare you for the glory that’s ahead. He’s qualifying you for His greater good!

Getting rid of those things that provide “sustainability” to us in times of discomfort is so crucial in relation to the outcome of our strength. The greater the death of these crutches in your life (pornography, finances, drugs, etc), the stronger your strength will be as you walk out of the wilderness. Another thing we must take notice of is the redirection of “appetite” in our lives (Deut. 8:3). These Godly cravings we may have must be controlled, and as they are, it is an act of submission to God. Let us kill our own wills and desires, and be reassured that whatever God’s purpose may be, will be resurrected in our hearts. Submission makes room for clarity and familiarity with the voice of God.

Looking at the process of graduation from the wilderness to the promised- land can seem discouraging, especially if you are there for a while. But be encouraged, because the more intimately prepared you are in the place of wilderness, the more overwhelming the arrival will be as you step into your God-given destiny. God desires to prepare every aspect of your life so intricately for the sole cause of you being able to not just visit the Promised Land, but maintain a dwelling lifestyle in the place of expected promise.

What we may see as a wasteland that is lacking, God sees as a womb. Just as a woman carries a child, we are carrying the promise and destiny of God. It’s through the place of the wilderness (womb) where God expediently develops us. Whatever season of mountain, valley, or dessert you find yourself in, be steadfast and patient. Know that as you are faithful to the small things, God will honor that and draw His greatness and glory out of your life. He will then trust you with the extravagant things.

Soon you will find yourself leaving a land where nothing is living and entering a land where nothing is lacking.

[Based off a message given by Pastor Craig Mosgrove on 1/28/15]

Savanna Brown