Colorado Backyard Wedding | Kinsey + Garrett

Well, this one’s special. If I could express anything to convey just how special the Bowdle wedding was — believe me when I say that this whole experience was like Christmas. You count down all year long, savor the days of celebration, and then BAM it’s over and you feel that weird and empty, sad-it’s-over but happy-it-happened feeling. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?!

For those that may not know, Kinsey’s family is from Buena Vista and run a super fun + successful whitewater and adventure company — it’s called Noah’s Ark. So you can imagine, Kins has been raised not only in one of the most beautiful towns on the planet, but also has many friends-turned-family thanks to Noah’s. Needless to say, when wedding planning and coordinating and setting up needed to happen, it was a family (more like army if you saw how many people were willing + serving) effort.

I think the most beautiful thing about their day was that it was all so personally-done. Like, every little thing that day contained the heartbeat of Kinsey’s childhood and Garrett’s familial spirit. All the things from food preparation to bridesmaids getting ready to the actual ceremony site and even the reception. The whole shebang was at the Cichowitz family home… and it was just stunning. So imagine the Cichowitz clan AND the Bowdle tribe together celebrating the marriage of two of their favorites with laughs and hymns and communion and good food — it was all so sacred.

The labor of love that was the Bowdle wedding was (and is) one that I will never forget. I will never forget the way Kinsey’s family took me in and extended the most hospitable spirit. I will always cherish the time I got with my extended family (shoutout to my Bowdles) that I love so stinkin’ much.

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Savanna Brown
Chattanooga Summer Wedding | Lauren + Arturo

Funny story… Lauren and Arturo actually booked me as their wedding photographer and videographer around 2 years ago. Long story short, they decided to push the wedding date back a year to accommodate more schooling and nursing endeavors.

Their wedding day in June was met with so much anticipation, joy, and giddiness. And it was all just absolutely beautiful. And SO worth the wait. The Saturday started in the most beautiful house in downtown Chattanooga and flowed seamlessly into a sweet Catholic Church in Cleveland. There was a call for rain, but by God’s grace, it held off until erupting later in the night when everyone was safe inside and on the dance floor. Needless to say… #favoraintfair.

Timeless. Sweet. Worshipful. Colorful.

These are all words I think of when I reflect back on Mr. and Mrs. Rocha’s day.

I can’t thank these two enough for trusting me with their day really before I had any idea what I was doing. My OG brides and grooms… y’all are the real MVPs.

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Savanna Brown
Wimbish House Wedding | Mr. + Mrs. Cunningham

Well friends, Callie and Cole did it RIGHT. They said “yes to forever” in the heart of Atlanta, at the most beautiful mansion (shoutout to the Wimbish House). The day was everything from classically elegant to sentimental and downright fun.

It’s always one of my favorite things to shoot weddings and watch family and friends interact throughout the progression of the day. There’s always so many stories, so much depth, and so so much love. And that’s exactly what Callie and Cole’s big day was. It was all of their closest family and friends, making the day incredibly intimate and special.

Callie and Cole, it was such a joy being a small part of your wedding day. I pray that these last couple months of marriage have been full of adventure, love, and growth. xx

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Savanna Brown