Industrial + Romantic Bridal Portraits

Jenna’s beauty simply radiates from the inside-out... making her bridal portrait session in Murfreesboro, TN all things stunning. With bright white clouds blanketing the sky and the best company (shoutout to mom + sis), magic happened.

Jenna, thank you for trusting me to capture one of the most sacred seasons of your life… one that brimmed with excitement + expectancy as you were about to enter into the most beautiful covenant of marriage with your fiancé.

And to Jenna’s family + friends — you all are precious to me. Thank you for your continual love, support, encouragement, and embrace as I get to document what feels like so many moments for you all. It because of cheerleaders like you all that continually affirm God’s grace over my life that I keep going… knowing He’s before me.

Enjoy these, friends xx

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Savanna Brown
My Current Favorites + Exciting Announcement

I’m totally being one of those gals that lists out my top favorites as of recently. I’m not one to think that everyone is interested in my life and opinions, but I do thoroughly enjoy reading through other peoples’ current favorites. So why the heck not let you people into my world of “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH” … enjoy xx.


No, I’m not talking about rolling around on the floor with your face pressed to the hardwoods. I’m referencing the amazing little tool known as a jade roller. These bad boys have been around for centuries and have been staples in the Chinese medicinal arena. I’ll be honest here— it’s pretty common that I wake up with a swollen face… like, I put my finger to my cheek and it’s trampoline consistency. This is where my good friend, Mr. Jade-Roller, comes to the rescue. Just by simply rolling this Amazon-bought device around my face, I’m not only serving myself a quick massage, but I’m also clearing fluid, boosting circulation, improving elasticity, and promoting cell turnover for a brighter look in my face.

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Savanna Brown
Serenbe Farms Engagement | Rachel + Collen

Serenbe Farms is the hidden gem of Georgia (like seriously, why have I never been to this place before?!). It's everything beautiful + quaint, making the perfect backdrop for Rachel + Collen's engagement session.

A little backstory here— Rachel and I grew up together. And by grew up, I mean we literally went from kindergarten flower girls to senior gals at the same high school. Being able to reconnect with her, Collen, and Marissa (Rachel’s sister) was truly a gift. This shoot included lots of laughs, cookies, and the sweetest of doodles… all things that I love.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I got to spend with both Rachel and Collen. I pray that this season of engagement is the sweetest for you two…

all the love. xx

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Savanna Brown