Hi, i'm sav-

To describe myself a bit: my laugh is ridiculously loud, I have the biggest sweet-tooth, I wear beanies indoors (because who doesn't love a good beanie), and I'm definitely not intimidated by dance floors. I'll go ahead and say that late 90's rap is my favorite to get down to... no shame. I'm currently living in Woodstock, Ga and growing one of the many dreams… a photography business. And just in case you're a personality nerd like myself, I feel obligated to tell you that I'm a type 2 on the Enneagram. That alone can speak to the tenderness of my heart, and how I immediately well up at any affectionate action (yes, this does make wedding days more fun). My purpose and passion is ultimately founded in my love for Christ- His faithfulness has carried me along this wild journey, and has encouraged me when I felt like giving up. I absolutely love what I do, and I'm so grateful that you even stopped by to read a little bit more about this life that I'm living.

The dream is to tell stories. Whether that's through photographs, videos, writing, or really whatever the platform-- I want to connect with people on a level that goes deeper than meets the eye. I want to share in the mountain top moments, the valleys, the victories and the defeats. I want to be a connecter. And that's what I promise to do if we ever work together. My heart is to incorporate every bit of who you are into every bit of light and color I process on a photograph, as well as gaining new friends along the way. 

If I have the honor of photographing (or videoing) a special moment of yours, please be assured that I will try my hardest to capture aesthetically beautiful shots, as well as keeping the emotion genuine in its entirety-- and of course, we'll have a blast. Duh.

Send me a message and I'd love to chat!